Monday, October 13, 2008

So I have a VERY determined 3 year old!

I made the mistake 3 years ago to put my daughter in my bed to sleep. (I don't care what anyone says....MISTAKE! LOL) So it has taken me this long to finally get her out. Well, I had her out once, and her daddy got her back in our bed. He liked having her there. But it's not him getting his butt kicked all night by the mini tosser-n-turner! Anyway, so as of Friday, it's back to my way. So every single night has been a struggle. Before she finally gives in and falls asleep. Well tonight, she knew her daddy was coming home and she was pretty determined she was not going to sleep in her bed. No matter what. End of story. Sure enough...she won. She may be asleep in her room, but NOT in her bed!

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