Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back Again!

Well, I attempted moving my blog, and I could never get everything set up just right. So I have finally caved, and re-opened this blog. Lots of craziness going on....busy with orders, the kiddos are home for the summer....oh, but the first day of school is closing in quick! Lots of new ideas going on, and I cannot wait to get busy!

On a similar note....tomorrow (or actually today! YIKES) starts the beginning of Project Runway. And I had this c~r~a~z~y idea....what if....I do a kid's version of their assignment for each show?!?!? See, told ya! C~R~A~Z~Y!! I know they do their outfits in only a day or two, but I'm giving myself a few extra days...after all....they don't have children to play with, dishes to wash, meals to cook, laundry piling up, and so on and so I think I deserve a few extra days. =)

Happy Sewing!