Friday, October 10, 2008

My Custom Order This Week

So I had a custom order for a child's cupcake half apron, but I had no cupcake fabric. No fabric store up to 2 hours away had cupcake fabric. And she needed it in a hurry. So my little creative bug started whispering....I did a terrycloth cupcake applique! Wow, a little harder than expected, but I learned a lot from it. And it turned out great!!! Cupcake even has colored sprinkles! Now I am waiting on fabric to come in so I can start the next custom order with another cupcake. Here are some pics of the first one. I know they aren't that great, but it stormed bad all day so the pics aren't as bright as I had hoped. (First pic also shows the matching heat therapy bag I made with it.)


mamashai said...

That is SUPER cute!

Hopscotch Square said...

Thanks! It was my first time doing that type of applique, but it was totally worth it!