Saturday, August 22, 2009

Alyssa's Birthday!

Today was my baby's birthday. She turned 4. I can't believe it! I remember being so scared to go in and have her, since she was my first child. And I was scheduled for induction so I had to be at the hospital so early that morning. And those that know me...well, you know how much I hate mornings! LOL After way too many hours of labor, and her being difficult, Dr. Darby finally offered a c-section. I don't think I have ever jumped on an offer so fast! So after hours of labor and two epidurals and lots of good drugs...We had our baby girl!
She was 8 lb 2 oz which would explain why I could block the sun with my belly.

So today was supposed to have been her b-day party. Unfortunately she caught a cold yesterday and she is miserable. So we cancelled the party, and we had cake and presents here. I promised her we would have her party next Saturday. I just hate that the one time her b-day is actually on a Saturday...she gets sick. =(

I will have to post pictures of her party next week!

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