Tuesday, May 12, 2009

M & M's Melt In Your....HUH?

So it has definitely been a rough couple of weeks for me. Besides the craft shows sapping all my energy, my sweet children have been replaced by....I don't know....someone else's children!

Last week, the kids had been really good, so I took them to the store, gave them each $1 and let them pick out a candy. M & M's (plain, not peanut, thank goodness, but you will find the reason for that in a moment) for both. Great! Means no fighting for once! LOL

So we get home, and I am attempting to get some Etsy work done, and I hear Logan coughing a little funny. But he looked fine so I went back to my work....until Alyssa starts yelling that Logan's nose is yucky and I need to clean it. Of course, I just assumed his nose was running since this seriously grosses her out. So I grab a baby wipe and call him over. He turns around...and has chocolate running out his nose. Obviously he never knew that M & M's were supposed to melt in your MOUTH, not in your NOSE!! I won't share the pictures, since they are obviously not going to be attractive...but let's just say.....BLACKMAIL!

So this leads us to yesterday....Alyssa went to her Nanny's so it was just me and Logan. Stupid me....I was thinking that would give me time to get caught up on some custom orders and even get a little housecleaning done. Logan sneaks off into the kitchen and unfortunately was able to reach the Dawn that Daddy had left at the edge of the counter. So he finally came out of the kitchen covered in blue, and that's when I discovered I would soon have a squeaky clean kitchen floor. For those who need clean floors.....don't use Dawn! LOL I had more bubbles than you could imagine, in addition to looking like a beginner ice skater just trying to reach the sink. Sigh...and to think I thought I had an exciting life BEFORE kids!

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